AI.Sha is an Artificial Intelligence for clothes appropriate for Muslim automatic selection

Muslim’s buying activity in the fashion segment is expected to increase to 330 billion dollars by 2020. What will help to respond to muslim users demand and to expand sales capabilities of your web store is AI.SHA.

AI.SHA solutions

Catalogue’s product filtering

Web-store’s catalogue filtering and selection of muslim-appropriate clothing in the product range.

Allows to create product collections for a narrow target audience. Gives a possibility to increase organic search traffic and carry out narrowly targeted advertising campaigns.

Similar Product Search

There is a block with similar products appropriate for muslim automatically selected by AI in pages with revealing clothes. It is simplifying the search of the product in web-store’s catalogue.

Gives a possibility to reduce bounce rate and increase the depth of views on the site.

How AI.Sha works


AI.Sha analyzes web-store’s product feed. Artificial Intelligence recognizes more than 20 000 clothes attributes


AI.Sha searches for similar looking clothes in the web-store’s catalogue corresponding to the requirements of the Koran. The length, fabric and 1264 more attributes are taken into account.


AI.Sha automatically selects similar products in muslim style in replacement to inappropriate one.

Your possibilities with AI.Sha

Auto-tag product categories

AI.Sha automatically selects and marks products from web-store’s catalogue which suit muslim requirements.

Increase navigation and products search

The products selected by AI may be combined in the general section “Muslim Clothes” or in subsections “Muslim skirts/dresses”

Increase the depth of views

AI will select muslim equivalent to every product in the web-store. Links to similar products can be placed in the page of the original products.

Expand the semantic core

With the help of AI.Sha you may create new section/subsections and increase the number of kea words in the search results.

Target your campaigns

AI.Sha product’s tagging allows to create unique links in search engines and to adjust advertising to a narrow audience upon concrete inquiries and tags: “muslim clothes” “dresses for muslim”


Based on the results of A/B tests, AI.SHA shows the next results:

Audience growth

The growth of web-store’s new visitors is 22%

Sales growth

Pages with products that meet Muslim requirements conversion increases by 15%

Loyalty growth

50% of users are coming back to muslim sections


AI.SHA is a complex of advanced technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Computer vision

AI.Sha automatically recognizes more than 20 000 clothes attributes in photos. The system defines the style, print, material and texture of the fashion product.

Big Data Processing

AI.Sha is processing 300 000 product’s photos every day. Speed of processing is 1,5 ms.

Machine Learning

AI.Sha learns in the recognition process and regularly increases the quality of it. Recognition accuracy is 88%